Founded: 2013

Purpose: Redefining art

Divisions: Film & Digital Marketing

Bisroca was founded in 2013, on a prayer of opportunity.  The word Bis-roca is a latin root word of baroque, a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance and grandeur.

Bisroca is a boutique media group that specialises in Film and Digital communications and marketing services that innovate the way brands are built. We dwell on the margins, and work between the cracks – in the space between Film and Digital Marketing. We continue to grow lean, disrupt and pioneer.

We believe in the primacy of art and culture, being redefined in Film and Digital Marketing. Our team has a range experiences and expertise from Google, NFTS, Ravensbourne and Warner Bros. We are passionate about our talent and give voice to the unexpected, the daring and the authentic. 

Bisroca's Ecosystem...


Bisroca Talent

We support, develop, and manage our talent. We give voice to the unexpected, the daring and the authentic which continue to excel Bisroca's artistic development.


Bisroca Film 

We continue to excel in producing fiction films and drama that are provocative and redefining in their approach. We continue to tell thought provoking stories and experiences for our audience.

We work with our directors and collaborate with influential figures in film to create genre-defying short films for festivals. We also continue to develop television scripted and unscripted shows for leading UK broadcasters. We pride ourselves on dynamic casting, robust storytelling and collaborating with the best emerging and established talent.

Bisroca Lab 

Bisroca Lab is a digital marketing company, a one-stop shop boutique digital marketing agency, specialising in content marketing. 

Our team have a range of digital marketing experience from working with Dentsu and Google, forming Bisroca Lab.

Consumer marketing is fast-paced, competitive and constantly evolving, the need to stand out from the crowd has never been greater.