Founded in 2013, on a prayer of opportunity

Over the years Bisroca has grown with a team of young creatives from university, all passionate to push their creativity. We have made many milestones over the first 3 years and our team had gathered many opportunities through the medium of short films, music videos and small client projects.

The work which we have created together has established our own alumni, achieving a National Film and TV scholarship, a Warner Bros scholarship and a Google Digital Marketing scholarship, all from amazing projects produced by the team at Bisroca.


Dating back to the origin of creating the name Bisroca, actually spelt ‘Bis-roca’, which is the Latin root word of Baroque, ‘a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, theatre and music’.
Also, the term 'Baroque' describes works of art, craft or design that are thought to have excessive ornamentation or complexity of line. We felt this was a clear representation of the artistry we produce at Bisroca. 

Four years later how are we moving forward?

We believe in making artistic and innovative productions and experiences with true cultural understanding and a contemporary outset.