Mockingbird is an ambitious, exciting and touching sci-fi/drama short film. A story that is very current in our modern way of living, it reflects the premise of fear of others. We are in an era where being scared of what we don’t understand has taken a big impact in our way of life. Mockingbird is about a young Adam who is misunderstood and seen as a threat because of what makes him different.



Adam is the only son of a paranoid mother Stella who has recently left an abusive relationship with Adam’s father Dele. With life at the edge and hope for a united family, Adam carries an extraordinary ability of telekinesis but hides this truth from his mother. Dele is fed up of the restriction from Stella to be with his family and takes matters into his own hands; breaking his promise of change and hope.

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Why this film is important to us:

This film is very important to our Producer because, early on in his past he had a near death experience. This has influenced the producer and director of how important and sacred life is and how much potential we all have. Mockingbird explores what happens when you use your potential for something great and how the world can throw it right back at you sometimes. Everyone is committed to this project because they can relate that we all had a moment in our lives when the world doesn't accept us for who we really are. It is a very visual film with our Director of Photography, currently a Warner Brothers Creative Scholar; we want to deliver a high quality production. Stuart Jackson - a 2x BAFTA winning composer, will do our sound design and music composing so we are confident to produce originality and uniqueness. We believe we can create a powerful story that can be special for both us the filmmakers and you the audience.